Medusa Media and Management is a premiere music agency representing Hard Rock, Rock, Alternative, Metal, Hip Hop, Pop, Pop Punk, Punk, and Indie artists from around the world. Starting in 2020 during COVID-19, Medusa was looking for a way to push the boundaries of a music industry on the brink of extinction. By providing artist with hands on collaboration and resources to take their career to the next level, we offer artist management, distribution, sync licensing, social media management, and so much more.


ARTIST Development

Coaching artists on how to enter the music industry, make their presences known, and developing an image that is sure to get them noticed.


Taking a bold approach to managing all social media pages including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, LinkedIn, etc.

ARTIST Management

Working hands-on with artists to promote their overall brand, image, and works to continue to grow their fanbase and popularity.

Worldwide Music Distribution

Distribution on all major platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, Pandora, and over 50 more – worldwide.

Lyric Video & Music Video Design

Offering lyric and music videos produced by some of the most up and coming creatives in the industry.

Merchandise Design & Printing

Exclusive approach to merchandise design, printing, selling, and shipping with great service and a quick turn-around time.

Professional Photographers

Guaranteed to not allow the camera to add 10 pounds – these guys, gals, and non-binary pals are the real deal.

Graphic Design

Access to an extensive list of the high-quality designers working hands-on with our artists to provide the best images possible.


Many opportunities to join forces with some of the coolest companies out there and endorse their products.

Sync Licensing

Providing resources to secure artist song placements in film, television, and video games.

Public Relations & Press

Our catalog of contacts offers our artists a chance to broaden their fanbase and showcase their talent to expand their audience.

Tour Management

Take your talent on the road! (After the pandemic, of course) With an extensive list of venues, your new experiences across the U.S. will never end.

Music Submission

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Our Artists

Post Profit is a four-piece Alternative Rock band born in the piney woods of Longview, Texas during the summer of 2017. When Matthew Jackson (vocals, guitar), Nick Hawner (guitar), Jordan Conley (bass), and Zach Hicks (drums), hit the stage they pull out all the stops and deliver nothing less than pounding rhythm, driving bass lines, blistering guitar riffs and soaring vocals. Drawing inspiration from groundbreaking bands such as Deftones, Failure, Cave In, Queens of the Stone Age, Royal Blood, and Highly Suspect, Post Profit brings a fresh take on Alternative Rock by balancing ethereal sounds with powerful vocals and choruses. The bands debut single “Same Sad Song” released in August of 2019 received the attention of radio stations around the United States and is currently on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Indicator charts. Post Profit has opened for heavy hitting acts such as Drowning Pool, Saliva, Filter, To Whom It May, Zebra, Sons of Texas and more. Post Profit is currently in the studio recording a full length album set for release in 2021.

Founded in 2020, American Dream Machine hails from Virginia and is due to release their freshman album “DEADHEARTS”, produced by Kile Odell (Motionless in White, Awake At Last) featuring the debut single”Bad News”. American Dream Machine features the unique powerhouse vocals of Shawn Adams, as well as Mitch Lobuglio on guitar, Evan Milowic on drums, and Scotty Murphy on bass. With an electric live performance that will take concert goers on an emotional roller-coaster of energy; “DEADHEARTS” is filled with song after song of catchy hooks, punchy riffs, and driving, heartfelt lyrics that are sure to hit home. As 2020 continues, expect to see American Dream Machine carve their own path through the landscape of music with everything they have.

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